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Diaspora. Yes Privacy Does Matters!

Data Privacy Day (DPD) is celebrated annually on Jan 28.

Why Privacy Matters?

In the year 2015, everything that we do is done via a computer at some level – communication, travel booking, accomodation, billing, shopping. The world is increasingly becoming dependent on technology for critical tasks – weather prediction, defense, agriculture, education, commerce.diaspora cartoon1

Computers have made us immensely powerful. But that also makes us greatly vulnerable. What if one day these computers are taken away from us? Or even worse, what if they are turned on against us?The challenges we face in 21st century cannot be equated with the challenges in the past. In the past if someone had to spy on you,

they would send an expert spy to keep track of your movements, following you wherever you go, keeping a watch on you outside your house. But today this spying is done on millions of people, wit

h or without their knowledge, by small devices they keep in their own pockets – smartphones. These track your movement, conversations, actions, daily routine, people near you, people you meet regularly, anything it can lay its sensors on.

With massive centralized surveillance, it is a piece of cake to identify, locate, track, and predict your actions. Do you think all is fair and good if you have got nothing to hide, and if the government is trying to protect you. Honestly, which government in the world does not abuse its power? And even if the current governments are noble, what guarantee do you have that in the near future they will not turn evil and make life miserable for you? Would you let your own dad or mom watch you for an hour continuously, let alone all your life.

Our only safe bet is to ensure that we do not make such surveillance possible. And diaspora* is just a small part of that overarching aim.

Read more about how surveillance affects you in ways you haven’t thought of:


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